My work

The Brandon Sun

I covered events all across the board from political announcements to small town fairs. It was never a dull moment in the Sun newsroom.

The Brandon Sun

The Brandon Sun feature

While working at the Sun I had the honour of working on a longform feature. Over the three months that I was on my internship I researched and completed interviews for the story “A Brother’s Secret” which tells the story of a man who died and his family was left to clean up his estate and he happened to be a hoarder. It’s an emotional tale of how anyone can suffer from the mental disorder of hoarding and that it doesn’t just affect those with the illness but also their family and friends.

A Brother’s Secret

In the April, 2016 issue of Editor and Publisher magazine the Brandon Sun was featured in a story about long-form journalism alongside The New York Times and the Post and Courier in Charleston, S.C. who won a Pulitzer Prize last year for its series, “Till Death Do Us Part.” My story “A Brother’s Secret” was mentioned in the article.

Editor and Publisher magazine story

The Western Producer

I covered a little bit of everything at The Western Producer. I had the opportunity to work in all of the different news sections in my 13 weeks there, which has given me a wealth of knowledge in various agricultural topics.

The Western Producer

The Winnipeg Free Press

While working at the Brandon Sun numerous stories that I wrote appeared in the Sun’s sister paper the Winnipeg Free Press which is the daily newspaper for Winnipeg, MB which is the largest city in Manitoba.

The Winnipeg Free Press


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